Becoming a gentle and kind observer

When our ability to be aware of our inner experiences deepens, we become kinder to ourselves and less reactive to dysfunctional and disturbing thoughts inside our minds. We feel true empowerment when we realize we have the power to choose whether or not to act on our thoughts and emotions. 

May this poem deepen your conscious awareness of your inner experiences and brings kindness and compassion to yourself and your world. 

This moment

This moment 

There is such peace 

There is such joy

There is such excitement 

There is such love 

This moment 

There is such sorrow

There is such anger 

There is such rage 

There is such resentment 

This moment…

I could be the glorious and skillful actor of each experience of this moment

Or better yet

I could be the joyous and mindful observer of these experiences inside me

Observing from the place where the ultimate true being resides 

Bowing each experience of this moment with full acceptance and gratitude 

I now arrived

— Sunyata Khin

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